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Folsom Moves Forward With Trail Improvements

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

The City of Folsom plans to begin work on a project Monday designed to improve access to the Lake Natoma Waterfront and Trail.

Crews will prepare about a quarter mile of trail for a concrete pour that will have no defined edges and that will be stained an earth tone.

Robert Goss is the city's director of parks and recreation.

He says the entire trail is inaccessible to wheelchairs and somewhat inaccessible to pedestrians like his mother.

"She's 74 years old, she has a little bit of a trick knee and she likes to walk," says Goss. "But, in its current condition, she probably would not visit this trail because of some of the challenges along the trail, some steep sections, some rocky, cobbly sections, that she just wouldn't be comfortable traversing on her own without taking my hand or my dad's hand."

Goss says the project involves the use of concrete to smooth out half of the trail while not making it look like a sidewalk.

"Take concrete and make it look and I think in a lot of cases feel like a dirt trail by how you finish it and how you color it and how you texture the surface," he says. "So that the concrete can be steel reinforced, it can be graded in such a way so that it meets state and federal ADA requirements and that it will also stabilize and not erode."

Goss says about a quarter of the project will be complete this fall with the rest finished by next summer.

The $1 million for the improvement comes from a state grant. In 2002, voters approved $3.4 billion for water conservation, wetlands and river parkway projects.

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