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City of Sac Identifies $367 Million In Water-Related Projects And The Rates Required To Pay For Them


The City of Sacramento Utilities Department has proposed $367 million in projects to improve water, waste water, and storm drainage systems over the next four years.

Bill Busath is Director of the Department of Utilities.

"We've got our meter acceleration program," says Busath. "We've got other rehabilitation to pipes, critical rehabilitation to pipes and some work on one of our treatment plants on the filters (at the Fairbairn Treatment Plant.)"

Busath says any increase in rates for storm drain projects would require voter approval.

"1996 was the last rate adjustment that we received in the storm drainage system," he says. "And so there's a lot of improvements that need to be made."

As proposed, rates for storm drainage would increase from 58 cents per month to $2.56 by 2020.

Monthly wastewater rates would increase by 59 cents to $2.61 by 2020.

Water rates would increase by $1.52 to $6.09 per month.

For the water and wastewater projects, the department will make presentations to the Utility Rates Advisory Commission, the city council budget committee, and the newly created budget analyst.

The department has also given priority to an underground storage project for McKinley Park to limit flooding.

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