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Pets And Farm Animals Recover From Recent Fires

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Cats nap at the UC Davis veterinary hospital as they recover from injuries sustained in the Butte Fire. The hospital is using Facebook to help reunite owners with their pets.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

When people fled the the Butte and Valley fires in Amador and Lake counties many had to leave their animals behind. 

Kelly Reason, the director of Amador County Animal Control, ran the Plymouth fairground emergency animal shelter at the height of the Butte fire. She says 447 animals were brought in, including dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cows and more.

Fortunately, all of the pets or farm animals have been reunited with their owners.

Animals from the Valley fire in Lake County are still under treatment at the UC Davis Large Animal Clinic.

Dr. John Madigan directs the veterinarian emergency response program. Earlier this week he visited Lake County to help with animal rescue and care.

"You can have everything from gun shots, to trauma, to burned paws," says Madigan.

Kitten RecoveringAndrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

He says it's also common for animals to suffer flight injuries as they try to escape the fire like puncture wounds from fences. Or, they may be extremely hungry or thirsty since many went days without food or water.

But, Madigan says animals are often more resilient than people after a disaster.

"You give them some food and water and TLC and they seem to come back to enjoying the interaction with people," says Madigan.

If you lost your pet or farm animal in the Butte fire: Call Amador County Animal Control (209) 223-6378 or Calaveras Animal Control (209) 754-6509.

If you lost an animal in the Valley Fire check here

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