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Reno City Council Approves $492.5M Budget

Ky Plaskon / Capital Public Radio

Ky Plaskon / Capital Public Radio

UPDATED: The City of Reno adopted a $492.5 million budget Tuesday. It will allow city employment to increase by 53 jobs.

The new positions will include planning, information, parks, and redevelopment. There will also, be 10 new firefighters and 15 police positions.

City Manager Andrew Clinger says the money to pay for the jobs reflects a stronger economy.

"Sales tax over the last year has been really good due to the influx of jobs and construction activity," says Clinger. "So we have really seen an increase in that, which is primarily what is driving this."

Police Chief Jason Soto says, right now it's hard for victims of minor crimes to file reports. But the new hires will make that easier.

"This way they can call, get someone on the phone, actually file a report, which frees up the officers to do what the community wants the officers to do, which is keep their city safe," says Soto.

Soto says the budget, with new positions, will allow him to open a new sub station in south Reno.

“It’s going to be a huge impact," he says.

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Ky Plaskon / Capital Public Radio

Original post -- The Reno City Council unanimously approved a $492.5 million budget Tuesday afternoon. That’s $7 million more than last year.

Property taxes in the city are up 3.3 percent and sales tax revenue is increasing by double digits.

City Manager Andrew Clinger says revenue from new business licenses is up, too.

"Which is a good sign," says Clinger. "That means that are more businesses in Reno now than there were a couple of years ago and so that is a good sign and that they are collecting or generating more revenue and so all good signs.” 

The budget will pay for 53 new full-time jobs, mostly in public safety.

And for the first time, the city is setting aside $770,000 to cover anticipated, unfunded liability for employee benefits.

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