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Crocker Dismissing Some Works Of Art

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento is getting rid of 137 pieces of art.  The City Council Tuesday approved the removal of the pieces.
Crocker director Lial Jones says this is only the second time in 16 years works of art have been removed. Why now?

"Number of different reasons," Jones explains. "Redundancy, whether or not we have the facility to keep it or not, whether the piece warrants exhibition or whether or not the size warrants exhibition. "

Jones says the process called deaccessioning is a typical part of operating a museum.

"Think of it as your closet at home. You have a variety of different outfits. Some are not likely to be in style at certain times. They might be a little worn. They might be a color that you're no longer wearing. It could be anything. So, there are times to empty out your closet to make room for other new things," says Jones.

The museum will return some works but will sell most of the pieces at public auction. The money raised will be used to purchase new works of art.
The Crocker Art Museum displays 16,000 pieces of art.

To see the art pieces, click here

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