Undocumented Immigration In California

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Some Immigrants Having Trouble Obtaining AB 60 Licenses

Andrea Nixon, Capital Public Radio

Andrea Nixon, Capital Public Radio

For AB 60 applications the Department of Motor Vehicles accepts passports from an approved list of countries. Mexico, China and Germany are on it. But Vietnam and Ethiopia are not.

Some undocumented African and Asian immigrants say that’s making the process of obtaining a license difficult.

Adoubou Traore is Executive Director of the African Advocacy Network in San Francisco.

"We really think that there’s quite a large number of African immigrants that are being refused the license," he says.

Traore says the DMV does not accept passports from 30 of 54 Africa’s countries.

"It gives us the impression that not enough was done to maybe contact the African embassies, at least the countries that were not listed," he says.

The DMV says many countries do not offer identification that meets its application standards. But it says many are attempting to upgrade the ID’s they offer.

AB 60 applicants without the proper ID can go through an interview process. But it’s taking the DMV about 90 days to call applicants back to schedule the interview. The DMV says it's adding staff to try to speed the process up.

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