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Sac RT Promises More Enforcement At Light Rail Stations


Sacramento Regional Transit says it will start issuing more citations to  people who run in front of trains or walk on the tracks.

RT says six people were hit and killed by trains in the region in 2013 and the number of collisions with people or vehicles doubled from 17 in 2009 to 34 in 2013.

Guinon Maurice Harrison takes the train at Broadway and 19th Street. He says he sees people drive around the crossing gates or walk on the tracks.

"It happens. I done seen too many people, even down here if you go down to 16th Street, you'll see people wait for the train to come just to walk across in front of the train as if I'm gonna dare that train to hit me."

Kristen Bieker rides the train every day. She says she's had several close calls.

"Sometimes I'll be walking and I'll have my headphones in and my music's really loud or I won't pay attention and  I'll just like, I'll look and then all of a sudden the train will be coming or there will be a car coming even.  I'll be walking into traffic. That's just a given though with people listening to their headphones."

RT will first increase enforcement and start a public information campaign in South Sacramento.

The campaign will include brochures, visits to classrooms, and more citations for people running in front of trains or walking on tracks.

A federal grant awarded by the non-profit, train- safety group "Operation Lifesaver" and money from Regional Transit will pay for the $21,000 program.

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