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TSA Reminding Passengers The Proper Way To Fly With Firearms


The Transportation Security Administration says the number of people who tried to take a gun through security has tripled in the last ten years. The TSA says there is a right way to take a gun on a flight.

Recorded messages at the airport include a lot of information, but never any about properly packing a firearm when boarding an airplane.

Nico Melendez with the Transportation Security Administration says 2,000 people tried to go through security checkpoints in the U.S. last year with a handgun.

"In Sacramento alone, last we found 12 firearms in the carry-on bags of passengers," said Melendez. "Six of them were loaded and six of them were unloaded. Just last week another person forgot a gun was in his bag and brought it to a security checkpoint."

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Melendez says many people forget or didn't know they were required to pack a gun in a hard plastic case.

Mark Thompson was flying out of Sacramento. He was surprised by the number of incidents.

"I never thought it would be a problem especially... you would think you would know if you had a gun in your bag bringing it to the airport because you know you're going to have to go through security," said Thompson.

If you plan to take a gun with you next time you fly, you need to tell the airline before you reach the terminal and you need to check your bag.

The TSA says the fine for trying to take a gun on a plane could reach $10,000.

A call to the airline and a hard plastic carrying case can cost as little as $10.

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 ...And then there are other things people have in their bags when going through the checkpoint.

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