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Senate Democrats Embrace Governor's Climate Change Goals


The legislation is designed to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, it requires utilities to get 50 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2030.

Jan Smutny-Jones, with the Independent Energy Producers Association, says most utilities are well on their way to meeting that goal, with solar power leading the way.

“So the big question is do we have enough diversity in the system to bring in other types of renewables that would be very helpful to meeting that mix," says Smutny-Jones, "but the 50 percent is attainable between now and 2030.”

Another proposed requirement - a 50 percent cut in petroleum use in cars and trucks might be more difficult.

The Western States Petroleum Association calls it an “impossibly unrealistic goal”.

The legislation would also require a 50 percent increase in the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

The California Air Resources Board would get to decide how those goals will be met. 



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