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Women Preparing To Run In 2016


California Attorney General Kamala Harris says she plans to run for the US Senate in 2016. And she won't be the only woman preparing a run for a higher office. Women around the state are thinking about it.

The group close the gap CA recruits progressive women for office. It wants to see 16 more women elected to the state Legislature in 2016. To help reach that goal the group held a conference designed to bring potential candidates together with organizations, lawmakers and consultants who could help them.

Santa Barbara Unified School Board member Monique Limòn is thinking about running for the California Assembly. She’s not sure she will but says women need a louder voice.

"I think it’s absolutely critical that we have more women in office," she says. "Not just for the sake of having more women, but for the sake of moving forward progressive policy agendas."

Watsonville City Council Member Karina Cervantez is also contemplating a run for the Assembly. She says there’s a lot to consider.

"The extra time that that will take, who we need to meet with, and also what we need to put together. In terms of a team, both your kitchen cabinet from your closest friends and family, as well as to who you’re going to hire to help you run the best and most successful campaign you can," she says.

Close the gap says 2016 is a crucial year because there will be several open legislative seats. That means candidates won’t have to face entrenched incumbents. They say because of term limits a similar opportunity may not come around again until 2022.




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