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Election 2014: Statewide Races




Governor's Race

  • As the state’s chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies, and appoints judges.

  • Proposes new laws, approves or vetoes legislation, and submits the annual state budget to the Legislature.

  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

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 Edmund G. "Jerry -Brown _200x 200Jerry" Brown

Occupation: Governor of California City: Oakland

Party: Democrat 

Endorsements: California Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, California Teachers, California League of Conservation Voters

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Neel Kashkari _250x 250


Neel Kashkari

Occupation: Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Residence: Orange County

Party: Republican

Endorsements: Condoleeza Rice, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff, California State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, More

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Lieutenant Governor

  • Assumes the office and duties of Governor in the case of impeachment, death, resignation, removal from office, or absence from the state.

  • Serves as president of the State Senate and has a tie-breaking vote.

  • Chairs the Economic Development Commission, is a member of the State Lands Commission, and sits on the boards of the California university systems.

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Ron Nehring

Ron Nehring

Occupation: Political Strategist

Party: Republican 


Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Occupation: Lt. Governor/Businessman

Party: Democratic


 Secretary of State

  • As the state’s chief elections officer, oversees statewide elections and provides public access to campaign and lobbying financial information.

  • Maintains certain business filings, authenticates trademarks, regulates notaries public, and enables secured creditors to protect their financial interests.

  • Preserves California’s history by acquiring, safeguarding, and sharing the state’s historical treasures.

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Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla

Occupation: Elected Official

Party: Democratic

Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson

Occupation: Non-profit Executive

Party: Republican




  • As the state’s chief fiscal officer, serves as the state’s accountant and bookkeeper of all public funds.

  • Administers the state payroll system and unclaimed property laws, and conducts audits and reviews of state operations.

  • Serves on the Board of Equalization, the Board of Control, and other boards and commissions.

Ashley Swearengin

Ashley Swearengin


Party: Republican

Betty Yee 2010

Betty T. Yee


Party: Democratic



Attorney General

  • As the state’s chief law officer, ensures that state laws are enforced and investigates fraudulent or illegal activities.

  • Heads the Department of Justice, which provides state government legal services and represents the state in civil and criminal court cases.

  • Oversees law enforcement agencies, including county district attorneys and sheriffs.

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Ron -gold -1

Ronald Gold

Occupation: Lawyer

Party: Republican

Kamala _Harris _Official _Attorney _General _Photo

Kamala D. Harris

Occupation: Public Attorney

Party: Democratic




Superintendent of Public Instruction


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Tom Torlakson

Tom Torlakson

Occupation: Teacher/Elected Official

Party: Nonpartisan

Marshall -Tuck

Marshall Tuck

Occupation: Nonprofit Administrator

Party: Nonpartisan

Candidate Interviews On Insight



  • As the state’s banker, manages the state’s investments, and administers the sale of state bonds and notes.

  • Serves on several commissions, most of which are related to the marketing of bonds.

  • Pays out state funds when spent by the Controller and other state agencies.


John Chiang, Democratic

Greg Conlon, Republican



Insurance Commissioner

  • Heads the Department of Insurance, which enforces California insurance laws and adopts regulations to implement the laws.

  • Licenses, regulates, and examines insurance companies.

  • Answers public questions and complaints about the insurance industry



Ted Gaines, Republican

Dave Jones, Democratic



Board of Equalization

Serves on the Board of Equalization, the state’s elected tax commission, which:

  • Oversees the administration of many tax and fee programs including those for sales, fuels, alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco.

  • Serves as the appellate body for California income tax and franchise tax cases.

  • Oversees the administration of property tax.

District 1

Chris Parker Democratic

George Runner Republican

District 2

Fiona Ma Democratic

James E. Theis Republican

District 3

Jerome E. Horton Democratic

G. Rick Marshall Republican

District 4

Diane L. Harkey Republican

Nader Shahatit Democratic



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