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Experienced Politicians Battling For Third Congressional District Seat


California State Assembly member and Republican Dan Logue is challenging Democrat incumbent John Garamendi.

Logue says government is hurting the economy.

"I would like to stop the increase of regulatory agencies having greater power -agencies that are not elected, basically crushing small business in the State of California and in the country," he says.

1021-election badge.pngLogue says a law mandating wage parity for men and women is necessary to help women escape poverty.

Garamendi says he would help women by raising the minimum wage.

'Women are at 50 percent of the work force and half of those women are at minimum-wage jobs and don't earn enough to sustain their family. And, so they have to have assistance -everything from food stamps to welfare- even though they're working," he says.

Garamendi says the federal government must spend more money on the public health system, mass transit, and green energy.

"Unfortunately, much of the policy in Washington is start, stop, doesn't have consistency through time and frankly doesn't provide the kind of encouragement that we need. We still continue to subsidize oil," says Garamendi.

Logue says the federal government must be smarter and smaller.

"The average taxpayer right now because of our debt owes $155,000 per person," says Logue. "The bottom line is, government's becoming bigger. They're usurping our rights more and more than they ever have before."

Both men support the Sites Reservoir project and oppose the Twin Tunnels water project. Garamendi says Obamacare can be fixed and the California High Speed Rail project was poorly planned. Logue would scrap both.

The third district includes parts of eight counties- Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Lake, and Glenn.

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