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Brown Promises 'Prudent' Next Four Years

Ben Adler/ Capital Public Radio

Ben Adler/ Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown is taking issue with the idea that he hasn’t laid out an agenda for a potential record fourth term.

At a campaign event outside Modesto today, Brown listed a series of issues he’ll be focusing on if he defeats Republican Neel Kashkari in Tuesday’s election.

Listen to his answer here:


The governor did not name any new issues he plans to raise in the next four years. In fact, minutes before he was asked about his agenda, he told the crowd at his campaign stop on a farm that his fourth term "will be very different than a first term or second term. It will be even different from a third term. Now, what that will all be, you just fasten your seat belt, it’ll be a very exciting ride."

Brown took umbrage a few minutes later when asked why he's been so cagey.

"Quite the opposite!" he said. "I have communicated more completely to the people of California than any other governor in history!"

He went on: "What don’t you know that you think I could tell you now in front of all those people? Because I would really love to get a new opening here to propound one of my many deep thoughts!"

Brown then said his agenda includes implementing Propositions 1 and 2 if aproved by voters Tuesday; implementing the state’s new school funding formula and criminal justice realignment program; maintaining budget stability; and building Delta water conveyance and high-speed rail systems.

Five minutes later, he ended with this: "Look – you won’t print half of what I say. You won’t. I dare you to. Okay? So this whole canard about what are you gonna do, Brown? Think about it!"

The Sacramento Bee's David Siders has a great take on the exchange here.

Recent polls show Brown with a wide lead over Kashkari.

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