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Lake Tahoe Crayfish Study Helps Combat Infestation At Oregon's Crater Lake


Researchers focusing on the problem of crayfish in Lake Tahoe are applying what they've learned to stop a growing infestation at Crater Lake in Oregon. 

Like Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake in southern Oregon at a high altitude and really deep.

"Magnificent clarity, it is the clearest lake in the world, really, really deep blue waters," says University of Nevada Reno Biologist Sudeep Chandra.

Chandra says like Lake Tahoe, crayfish numbers in Crater Lake are also increasing. In Crater Lake they've doubled in the past five years. He says that is one of many factors that could be affecting the clarity of the lake.

"We have been finding the edge of the lake turning slightly green," says Chandra. "Now is that because of a changing climate, drought, could be, or is it because these crayfish are now excreting nutrients at a higher rate causing algae to grow."

Chandra is helping researchers at Crater Lake try to eradicate the crayfish and protect species from the crayfish using underwater fencing. He says he can bring the results of those efforts back to Lake Tahoe to try to do the same thing there. 

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