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Thousands Of Items Left At Airport Security

Nico Melendez with the TSA stands amid blueprints, green cards, lap tops, jewelry, watches and electronics -just some of the property people had when they entered an airport security checkpoint, but left behind after they cleared screening.


Laptops, car keys, eyeglasses, and green cards ...are just some of the items people have left at Sacramento International Airport security checkpoints. 

The Transportation Security Administration says thousands of people leave things behind when they gather their belongings after clearing security. 

About 80 percent of that property is never re-claimed. 

"False teeth; walkers; strollers; full, packed pieces of carry-on luggage," says Nico Melendez with the TSA. "We have seen all of those types of items at our checkpoints left behind by passengers with no name. If you have a bag, put your name on it. If you have a lap top, put your name on it. Cell phone? Put your name on it. All the other items, put it in your carry-on bag so you won't lose it."

Melendez says watches, keys, jewelry, and electronics should all be in your carry-on when you go through security.

"So what we're asking is that passengers just take a minute before you go through the security checkpoint. A) know what's in your bag so you're not bringing something that you're not supposed to have, but B) put all this other stuff in your bag so you don't lose it."

If you've lost something, TSA urges you to call (916) 830-0227 or email the airport - Air-SMFLostAndFound@saccounty.net - and  provide a detailed description of the item.

Airports around the country send about 20,000 items valued at more than $500 to TSA headquarters. The TSA stores high-value items for two years.

Melendez says all items are held at the airport for 30 days.

Where do some of the high value items go? Click here for the NPR story.

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