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Caltrans To Inspect FIX 50 For Glare and Lane Confusion

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio News

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio News

There are many marks on the road that are left over from FIX 50 westbound traffic diversions in June.    

Final striping was supposed to have given drivers a clear idea of the lane locations. In the middle of the day, the new lane lines are easily visible on top of the temporary markings.   But at 6:30 in the afternoon, the glare off the roadway gives drivers a view of none or all of the marks with no way to tell which to follow. 


Dennis Keaton with Caltrans says the department is assigning someone to drive through the area to identify the causes of poor visibility.

"We actually have a number of folks that are going to be looking into it. The resident engineer of the project itself was notified, went out there, did not have a chance to see the effects of the photograph that was sent to us. So, they're gonna also have traffic operations go out there at a specific time to see if that glare's going to be affecting drivers."  

Also making visibility difficult are shiny black lines that cross the lanes diagonally. Keaton with Caltrans says the department is investigating the glare and the residue left by the temporary striping.

"That's also being looked at by the traffic operations section to see if that hinders the driver's ability to differentiate between the lanes. Once they go ahead and take a look and they're able to send out one of their inspectors to take a look at things, then we'll know a little bit more."

Keaton says traffic will eventually wear down the temporary lines.

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