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Temperatures Expected To Clear Century Mark As Heat Wave Continues

Al Gibes / Capital Public Radio

The cool waters of the American River, just upstream from the Howe Avenue bridge, was a popular spot to cool off Sunday evening. Forecaster call for more heat Monday, with a predicted high of 107-degrees in Sacramento.

Al Gibes / Capital Public Radio

Shade will be popular this week, as Summer has arrived in full force.

Johnny Powell with the National Weather Service says the official forecast is 107 for Monday -- but it may be closer to 110 in some areas of downtown. An overnight low in the mid-60s is expected.

Powell says it's normally in the mid-90's this time of year, but the lack of wind is pushing up temperatures.

"When the Delta breeze shuts off and we get no wind at all, it gets hot," he says. "So anytime in July, I call it the tree test. If you look around and the trees aren't moving, if they're just totally still and it's somewhere in late June and July, look for a 100-plus day."

Powell says last year right around this time we also experienced a heat wave. Last July 4th it was 110 degrees. Last year's July 1, 2 and 3 were at 106, 105 and 106 respectively.

Temperatures should cool off a bit Tuesday -- when the high is expected to be 98. Later in the week it should be back into the mid 90's, which is pretty normal for this time of year.  It will be about 12 degrees cooler by Friday, Independence Day. 

 ~ Capital Public Radio Staff

Visit the National Weather site for the latest forecast.

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