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Fix 50: Caltrans Lowers Speed Limit At Fix 50 Construction Zone


8 A.M.

Crews continue work on the Fix 50 Project Monday morning.

Steve Milne: Bob, how are things moving this morning traffic-wise.

Bob Moffitt: Traffic is certainly stop and go at I-5 at that bottleneck right at 15th Street, where all of the lanes are three lanes throguh the eastbound section of this project right at 15th Street, where it turns to two, so that's what causes all of the backup. But surface street traffic, as people work around it, seems to be pretty manageable. I came up on Tower Bridge a little while ago and traffic was pretty light there. People are certainly finding alternative ways to get to where they need to go without too much of a problem. 

7 A.M.

Over the weekend, traffic was slow at times at the construction zone, but work appears to be on schedule. Bob Moffitt checked in from the area of I-5 and O Street.

Steve Milne: Bob, what does the traffic look like as people start the work week?

Bob Moffitt: Well it certainly slowed at I-5. Eastbound the left two lanes have come to a virtually stopped, creeping along, both offramps to I-5 are moving fine as are offramps to X Street. And then once you get to the project a little bit to 99 north and southbound. Right in the middle there, right at 15th street, that's the bottle neck and it's holding true to form. 

Milne: Any changes since last week's accident?

Moffitt: They already started putting up a guardrail of sorts, which sort of helped contribute to the accident, as that piece of wood slid along it. But they've put up screening on that to keep people from looking in. They also lowered the speed limit to 55 mph, which you would have thought they might have done already. But they officially made it 55, even though people didn't seem to be people screaming through there anyway. There's also, coming back the other way, they're going to start prepping the westbound side for similar work and they're going to drop the speed limit to 55 there at night. 

6 A.M.

Some eastbound lanes have been closed since last Tuesday. Capital Public Radio's Bob Moffitt is covering the project and the traffic associated with it.

He joins us live from 20th and X streets in Sacramento, near the construction site.

Steve Milne: Bob, how are things moving this morning, traffic-wise?

Bob Moffitt: Things are looking pretty good. Got off the 15th Street exit, where traffic started to slow down. But traffic going by now going 99 southbound and northbound offramps. Things are looking fine so far. All of the alternate routes are open. There was a project on Highway 160 southbound, but that project opens up at 6 a.m., so you can take that route into Sacramento at your leisure in the morning.

Milne: How's the project coming along. Do you know if things are on schedule?

Moffitt: It looks like it might actually be ahead of schedule. I swung by and talked to one of the construction workers, asked him how things are going, when they're going to pour concrete. He said, well, that happened yesterday. They were hoping to do that today. So that's certainly a good sign. As they continue to put a 4-inch slab of concrete across the entire deck and strengthening the support structures on this section of the freeway.

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0428-camera -from -westbound -50

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