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Elk Grove Opens State-Of-Art Waste Transfer Facility


The City of Elk Grove has opened the first of its kind waste collection facility in the nation powered by solar energy. The $4.6 million center accepts hard to recycle items.Cedar Kehoe, the Waste Program manager with the City of Elk Grove, is disposing used batteries into a 55 gallon drum. (sound)Whether it’s used batteries, electronic waste, paints, solvents, even building materials…it can likely by disposed of at the new Special Waste Collection Center.

Kehoe says much of what used to be called waste isn’t anymore.

“If you had gasoline or a petroleum based product we would fuel blend that and use that to make fuel or we take paint and recycle that. In the case of the mercury light bulbs, we actually break those down at a location wthey can extract the mercury because we wouldn’t want you to be exposed to that.”

The facility which was built by re-using materials at a former industrial site, is a transfer station, not a waste dump. Beginning today, the center is open Sunday through Wednesday from 9-am until 4pm to anyone who lives in Sacramento County.

More Info:

City of Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center (SWCC)
9255 Disposal Lane
Elk Grove, California 95624

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