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Tea Party Members Rally on Tax Day

Katie Orr, Capital Public Radio

Members of the tea party rally at the state Capitol.

Katie Orr, Capital Public Radio

While millions of Americans used April 15th to finish up their taxes, some members of the tea party took the day to rally at the California Capitol. Several hundred people rallied for smaller government and lower taxes. Colleen Britton says she comes to the rally every year as a way to support conservative principles.

“I would like to see more conservative voices in the Capitol, more common sense, less regulation," Britton says. "I would like to see the repeal of AB 32 and SB 375, for starters.”  

Those bills seek to limit greenhouse gas emissions in California.

Tea party member Stuart Dodge says taxes are necessary to run the government, but he says California’s are far too high.

"California is one of the most beautiful states there is. And I’m afraid that there is a very small percentage of people in the state that’s making it miserable for everybody," he says. "And I have many friends who have left the state. They’ve taken their business and they’ve left and they went somewhere else that was more business friendly.”

Dodge says America needs to return to the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and the free market.

People at the rally carried signs calling for the abolition of the IRS. They booed and jeered when asked whether they thought the government was spending their tax dollars wisely.

There were several signs supporting conservative Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for California governor. Donnelly leads his Republican counterparts in the latest poll, with support from 17 percent of likely voters.     

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