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Twin Rivers Funds Installation of New HVAC Units


Dozens of units have repeatedly failed at Grant Union High and Harmon Johnson Elementary during the past two years.  The district says it didn't have the money to install the units it had in storage.

Mai Xiong is a student at Grant.  She says the library has typically been among the coldest rooms during winter.

"We would be working on our research paper or statement for college and my teacher would remind us, 'Bring a coat or bring a jacket.  It's gonna be cold in there.' and   Our librarian has a really really thick puff jacket that he wears because it's so cold," Xiong says.

Dr. Steven Martinez has been the district's Superintendent since July.  He says he understands the community's frustration with the districts inability to pay for installation.

"This community for a long time has felt like they've been overlooked in terms of  how their facilities have been taken care of.  And, so I think it's really important to let all our communities know that the district is going to look at every facility and be equitable regardless of where you live. We're going to ensure every single student has a great facility to go to school," Martinez says.

In January, the district sold $39 million in bonds to raise money for improvement projects. Installation of 71 heating and air conditioning units will cost about $10 million.  Students and parents at Grant say they hope more bond money will be spent on computers and the school's swimming pool.

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