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Commuters Rejoice: Big Changes To Crosstown Freeway Viaduct Plan

There are major changes being made to the "Fix50" viaduct project in Sacramento.
The original plan involved closing either side of U.S. 50 through Sacramento during construction in May and June.

Cal Trans now says the I-5 and Business 80 connectors will remain open during construction.  Both sides of the freeway will also stay open during the project but there will be some lane closures on the side under construction.  

Cal Trans' Dennis Keaton says the first phase of construction will start April 22nd.

"More than likely, going through that construction section for eastbound U.S. 50, the speed limit will be dropped to 45 miles-per-hour.  Off ramps will remain open.  On ramps will not be."

Keaton says complaints from Sacramento businesses, commuters, and government agencies caused the contractor and Cal Trans to rethink their plans.

Work on the project is expected to take place through June 25th, with a break for the Memorial Day Weekend.

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