Reports: Deputies Injured During Pursuit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In a statement, the Sheriff's Department said officers in a Regional Gang Suppression Unit were involved in attempting to stop a vehicle with two people connected to an investigation.

The driver allegedly tried to run over a deputy who was approaching the suspects' vehicle. The pursuit began at Vanderberg Drive and Peacock Way and ended at 65th Street and 18th Avenue. A Sheriff's patrol car hit the suspects vehicle causing both to crash.

The deputies in the patrol car were transported to an area hospital for moderate, yet non-life threatening injuries. 

A detective was also taken to a hospital after sustaining injuries while arresting the suspects. 

The suspects were booked on charges related to assault upon a police officer, possession of narcotics and conspiracy.

They were identified as Marcus Antonio Richardson, 23, and Nina Tran, 23.

As of Wednesday morning, two of the injured officers were released and one remained in the hospital.

12:30 p.m.

According to multiple media outlets, two Sacramento County Sheriff deputies were injured Tuesday during a pursuit crash. 

The pursuit took place near 65th Street and 18th Avenue, according to News10.

Sacramento Police noted that there would be traffic congestion around the area.

10News reported that both deputies were taken to a hospital, but their conditions are unclear.

A suspect was also detained.

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