Reno Airport Hopes To Stem Decline In Passengers With New Programs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The number of passengers arriving in Reno by air has dropped by 30 percent over the past decade. To encourage new service, airport operators want to create two programs.

A Travel Enhancement Fund would market new flights to passengers. A Risk Mitigation Program would reduce airline losses if the enhancement fund doesn’t work. Tourism-related businesses contribute a half-million dollars a year to marketing, but Airport CEO Marily Mora says that’s not enough.

“And specifically the tourism community is kind of saying to us that the business community benefits from these new flights so lets do a partnership between both business and tourism. Lets try to make the pot of money bigger so that we can have more impact.”

~Marily Mora, Airport CEO

Mora isn’t ready to say how or how much money would be raised from businesses. The airport recently hired a Vice President of Air Service Development from Guam where business taxes pay for similar marketing funds.

Currently, ski resorts and hotels contribute $500,000 a year to a marketing fund for air service.

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