Tahoe Plans For Sustainable Communities

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 03, 2014

California law mandates that the TRPA reduce greenhouse gas emissions five percent by 2035. Now, the agency has a plan in place to reduce emissions by seven percent with modifications of transportation and land use patterns. The TRPA’s Jeff Cowen says a greenhouse gas emissions study by the California Tahoe Conservancy paved the way to go even beyond that seven percent. Cowan said, that can be accomplished by requiring local jurisdictions to meet green building standards.

“But now it is giving us the nod to look ahead and start looking to local government to put green building codes in place to start improving energy efficiency of buildings and homes,” Cowan said.

The plan also encourages schools, homeowners and businesses to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency and there is a 230-page Sustainability Action Plan, including ways to reduce greenhouse emissions voluntarily.

"It could mean retrofitting existing buildings with more energy efficient windows and doors as well,” Cowan added.

Final Sustainability Action Plan Dec, 2013

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