Brown Pushes Fiscal Restraint As He Releases His Budget Proposal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 09, 2014

There was little suspense Thursday over the contents of the budget itself after it leaked out two days early.  But that didn’t stop the governor from making his case for restraint.

The governor said he wants to use the projected surplus to create a budget reserve and pay down debt.

Brown said that while some might want to go on a spending binge, it's not a course of action that he agrees with.

“Prudence is never easy. When the money’s in, people want to go for it.  And we’ve tried to keep it very measured.” 

~Gov. Jerry Brown

Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway said she likes Brown's message because she said Democrats will push for more spending. She said with few exceptions, she would strongly consider supporting the budget, if it stays the way it is.

“The general theme of the budget – yes, I agree with.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually turn out that way.” 

~Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway

Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg said Democrats share the governor’s message of fiscal prudence, but he also said now is the time to reinvest in the state. 

“We shouldn’t be shy to say that there is room with this kind of economy and this kind of a budget to invest and to reinvest in California’s economy and its people.” 

~Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg

Like the governor, Steinberg says legislative Democrats also want to pay down the debt and build a reserve, but they also want to push for more investments between now and a final budget agreement in June.

On the bright side, Steinberg said, at least there would be no more arguing over which programs to cut.

Download The Budget Here (pdf)

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