Advocates Say Brown Budget Could Invest More In Kids' Health

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 09, 2014

The governor plans for a modest increase in spending on kids’ health. It comes in the form of 17 and a half million dollars to educate parents about the importance of children’s dental care. Kelly Hardy with Children Now says that’s a positive move.

“Investing in outreach and prevention is a way to offset later costs and investing in kids health is what it’s all about. We just wish there was a lot more of it in the budget.”

~Kelly Hardy, Children Now

Hardy says the state’s low reimbursement rate to Medi-Cal providers undermines the ability of low-income kids’ to see doctors. And Hardy also wants to restore a program to improve the health of African American babies. 

Hardy says the modest 17 million dollars for parental education about kids dental care is an important investment. 

“Some children’s oral health gets so bad that they need to go to the emergency room. And of course those costs are really expensive. So oral health is really one of the places where investment early on can prevent lots of later costs,” said Hardy.

She says more money should go towards reimbursement rates to Medi-Cal providers so low-income kids can have better access to doctors. And Hardy wants to restore funding for a program to reduce the mortality rates of African American infants. 

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