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Washoe County School Employees Get Gender Identity Training

The State of Nevada and Washoe County School district are increasingly facing gender identity complaints. The state is calling for more training and the school district will start training for the first time this month.
The State of Nevada says students and their parents are increasingly filing gender-identity discrimination complaints. Dennis Perea, Deputy Director of the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation says he needs additional staff with the appropriate training.

“The skill set that we really need is we really need to have staff staff that is trained in dealing with kids with a subject term that is very adult in nature,” Perea said.

To cope with the challenge in schools, the state is collaborating with the Washoe County School District on face-to-face gender identity training for employees. Beginning this month the school district is implementing mandatory gender-identity for all its 7,000 employees. Katherine Louden is the Director of Counseling.

“There is some push back related to that training and I also think that as you raise awareness that then we are able to identify cases that need our support,” Louden said.

Louden expects the number of complaints to climb with awareness that comes with training.

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