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City Of Sacramento Considering Water Conservation Measures


There's still no rain in the Sacramento area forecast in the days ahead and the dry conditions have triggered water rationing measures. 

Yesterday, the Sacramento County Water Agency urged people to voluntarily reduce water use by 20 percent. Earlier this week, the City of Folsom imposed a mandatory 20 percent cutback.

The City of Sacramento could be next. William Granger is the city's Water Conservation Administrator.

"We are contemplating making a similar declaration ourselves but we're still mulling over whether we want to be voluntary or go into a "Stage Two" mandatory declaration," Granger said.

"Stage Two" would mean cutbacks of up to 30 percent. The City Council is scheduled to take up the issue on Jan. 7. The city already has a water waste ordinance in effect limiting landscape watering to one day a week.

Earlier this month, Governor Jerry Brown put together a task force to help determine whether there's justification for declaration of a statewide drought.

"My sense is definitely we're heading in that direction. I think it's a matter of time that the governor will make that declaration."

One of the region's primary sources of water, Folsom Lake, is now at 21 percent capacity -- a near record low.

Water saving outdoor Tips:

• Only irrigate your landscaping as needed

• Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways, sidewalks and patios

• Use an automatic shut-off nozzle on your hose

• Install a water-efficient drip irrigation system for your trees, shrubs and flowers

• Repair leaks and broken sprinkler heads

• Reduce each irrigation cycle by two minutes

• Install a Water-Sense labeled, "Smart" irrigation controller that adjusts watering based upon weather, soil type, sun exposure (for example, full sun or part shade) and plant type

Water saving indoor Tips:

• Take five minute showers instead of 10 minute showers

• Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving

• Wash only full loads of clothes and only run the dishwasher when it’s full

• Fix leaky faucets and toilets

• Install aerators on the kitchen faucet to reduce flows to less than 1.5 gallon per minute.

• Install efficient, WaterSense-labeled shower heads

• Install a high-efficiency WaterSense-labeled toilet (1.28 gallons per flush)

• Install aerators on bathroom faucets


Amy Quinton

Former Environment Reporter

Amy came to Sacramento from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) where she was Environment Reporter. Amy has also reported for NPR member stations WFAE in Charlotte, WAMU in Washington D.C. and American Public Media's "Marketplace."  Read Full Bio 

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