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City Clerk Reviewing Arena Funding Measure Petitions


The city clerk's office is looking at the name, signature and address on each of the 35,000 petitions.

Assistant City Clerk Wendy Klock-Johson says about 22,000 must be filled out correctly in order for the process to continue.

"All We're doing is what they call a prima facie review to ensure that  minimum number and that those components are there," she says. "The county registrar is the one who actually will then make sure that that person is a registered voter and make sure they're within the City of Sacramento."

But, the county also has 15,000 signature withdrawal forms submitted by a pro-arena group that wants to keep the measure from appearing on the June ballot.

If the number of petitions minus the number of withdrawals equals less than 22,026, there will not be a measure on the June ballot. 

The county has until January 9th to complete its review of the petitions and the signature withdrawals.

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