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Bay Delta Conservation Plan Environmental Documents Released

Photo By Curtis Jerome Haynes

Photo By Curtis Jerome Haynes

The BDCP proposes to restore the ecology of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and build two tunnels to carry water from the Delta to central and southern California.

The release of what’s called the Environmental Impact Report is one of the biggest steps in what’s been a multi-year planning process.

It marks the beginning of the formal public review of the plan.

Public comment will begin on Friday, but all 34,000 pages of the environmental documents will be online today.

Some Delta residents and environmental groups say the documents will contain unsupported claims that any adverse effects from building the tunnels will be offset.

They plan to hold a rally today in San Jose as well as on the steps of the state Capitol.

State and federal agencies will hold public meetings early next year but the project faces many more hurdles before breaking ground.


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