Kahlo Photos On Display In Reno

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(Reno, Nevada)
Friday, October 18, 2013

JoAnne Northrop is the Museum's Director of Contemporary Art Initiatives. She walks past Frida Kahlo’s personal photographs of parents, injuries and inspirations.

“Drink tequila and have parties, hanging out with communist leaders and having affairs with men and women.”

When Kahlo died, husband Diego Rivera locked these pictures in a closet. When they were discovered 50 years later, the Nevada Museum of Art was the first to request to show them, believing they would appeal to Nevada’s hispanic population.

The museum offers activities for children while parents like Lucia Ribas browse Kahlo’s photos. She’s sure what to say about Kahlo’s personal side.

“Es bueno que nos da informacion . . .”

“It’s good that we have information for our children,” she says, “So that they learn our past and that serves me very well too.”

The exhibit closes February 24, then travels to various European nations and Australia.

Visit the Nevada Museum of Art website.

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