Covered California Health Exchange Signs Up More than 28,000 People

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Covered California says the level of interest so far shows how eager Californians are for affordable health insurance.

“A million people in week one researching and finding out what’s right for them is huge,” says Covered California Director Peter Lee. He says early confusion about the level of interest was the result of semantics not accounting errors.

“We’ll keep being as transparent as we can,” says Lee. “We’ll keep giving the media and California as much information as we can about what we’re doing.”

Some new covered California enrollees say having affordable health insurance eliminates a lot of anxiety

“You’re life savings could go,” says Paul Torrigino of Sacramento. “One medical procedure and you could be homeless.”

More than 400 small businesses have also registered for the exchange and call centers have fielded about 59,000 inquiries.


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