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Stockton Mayor Spends Own Money on Gun Buyback


Murders are down this year by more than half in Stockton from a record setting year in 2012.

But gun violence is still a problem.

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva hopes his gun buyback on Saturday will reduce the chance of guns being stolen and then used in a crime. 

"We still have shootings here in Stockton so we definitely have to figure out ways to reduce the violence and get the guns off the street,” said Silva.

Silva is spending $5,000 of his own money plus $1,000 from another donor to buy back guns, offering as much as $150 for an assault rifle and $100 for a handgun.

He points to the success of a similar buyback in Los Angeles last year.

"And they got all kinds of guns off the street, I think they even got a bazooka,” said Silva.

People turning in guns can stay anonymous. 

The buyback will take place at 700 W. Fremont in Stockton from 10am until 3pm, or until the money runs out.