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UNR To Build $46 Million Fitness Center


At the UNR gym students are building more than their bodies. University President Mark Johnson says they are creating human capital.

0917 unr fitness center fullsize

Artist's rendering of the new fitness center.

"So that they can really be sharp at every moment really makes a difference, not only for the individual but also en mass for the entire economy.” - Mark Johnson, UNR president

But right now, the university gym is small and not many students are members. So UNR is investing $46 million in a new fitness center. The private sector is donating $16 million. The E.L Wiegan Foundation announced an $8 million contribution this week.

Governor Brian Sandoval was present for the announcement.

“We want to develop the future leaders of this state and this university, and as I talked about is mind body and spirit. We have a great university to develop their minds, we will now have the facility to develop their bodies and there is such tradition here which is the spirit component.” - Brian Sandoval, Nevada governor

Every student will be a member of the new fitness center and fees will be less than half of what they are now. Johnson expects the center will also help increase enrollment by 4,000 students over the next eight years.

0917 unr fitness center rotator

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