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Rim Fire Fact Sheet


Rim Fire Fact Sheet

1 September 2013

Day 16

Acreage: 222,777 Square miles: 348.1


Largest wildfire in the United States to date in 2013

(Second largest to date in 2013: Lime Hills Fire, Alaska 201,809 acres)

No. 1-ranked on national wildland firefighting priority list

Fourth largest California wildfire in records dating to 1932

The four largest recorded California wildfires have all occurred since 2003


Personnel currently on incident: 5,115

States that have sent firefighters or other personnel: 42 and the District of Columbia

Cal Fire geographical units that have sent personnel: 20 of 21


Completed containment line: 96.7 miles

Completed dozer line: 139.9 miles

Hand line: 5 miles

Road Used as Line: 17.1 miles 

0901 Rim Fire analyst
Long-term fire behavior analyst checking fire weather. (Photo courtesy USFS)


Total acres burned in California to date in 2013: 487,921

Rim Fire acres as a proportion of burned acres in California 45.7 percent


Fire retardant dropped: 1.7 million gallons

Water dropped: 1.4 million gallons


Acreage in Yosemite National Park: 60,214

Proportion of the fire burning in Yosemite National Park: 27 percent

Proportion of Yosemite National Park within the fire perimeter: 7.9 percent


Size of the fire area:

More than five times the size of Washington, D.C.


Hot meals served:

Breakfasts: 36,766 Dinners: 34,395

Pounds of firefighter laundry washed: 11,643

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