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American Fire - Wednesday Update: Crews in Mop-up Mode as Containment Nearly Complete


Update: 10:50 a.m. - Crews in Mop-up Mode as Containment Nearly Complete

Fire officials report no significant growth of teh American Fire, as crews work to keep down hot spots and do mop-up work.

The fire consumed 26,004 acres since it began on Aug. 10. There are still more than 1,000 personnel working the incident.

0828 American Fire Map

The south, west and north perimeters of thefire remainin patrol status. Crews have are engaged in mopping up and extinguishing hotspots interior to the line along Mosquito Ridge Road,on the eastern perimeter. Acreage continues to increase as theinternal vegetation burns. With increased containment of the fire,crews are working with the local Forest to identify and repair areas affected by fire fighting activities.

This has included chipping material piled next to roads during fire line construction as well as identifying needs to construct water control devices along fire lines throughout the fire area.

Forest visitors are asked to remain vigilant to area road closures. Fire officials are in discussion with the local Ranger District to co-ordinate the re opening of Mosquito Ridge Rd prior to the holiday weekend.

This area was originally closed to protect visitors and firefighters due to fire-weakened, burned trees that posed a risk offalling, as well as very smoky coditions making visibility extremely poor.

Hand Crews: 22 Engines: 65 Dozers: 6 Water Tenders: 30 Helicopters: 6

Closure Update: Mosquito Ridge Rd (FSR 96) remains closed from thejunction of Ralston Ridge Rd (FSR 96-023) to the junction of theDuncan Diversion Dam access road (FSR 96-052), west of French MeadowsReservoir. Foresthill Rd remains closed from Humbug Canyon Road (FSR88-066) to Robinson Flat Campground and Forest Rd 43 (Robinson FlatRd) remains closed from Robinson Flat Campground to Mosquito Ridge Rd. Robinson Flat Campground and Duncan Peak Lookout also remain closed.French Meadow Reservoir and access to the Oxbow Middle Fork AmericanRafting Launch put in remain open.Forest Order No 17-13-06 has closed portions of the Tahoe NF on theAmerican Ranger District.http://tinyurl.com/mvx4w3c

Further information: American Fire Information (530) 367-8020, 8 a.m.to 7 p.m.www.fs.usda.gov/tahoe 

Follow the USFS on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Tahoe_NFwww.inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3624 

Forsmoke information: www.placer.ca.gov/apcd

Basic Information

Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Under Investigation
Date of Origin Saturday August 10th, 2013 approx. 04:30 PM
Location 10 miles northeast of Foresthill.
Incident Commander Rocky Opliger

Current Situation

Total Personnel 1,082
Size 26,004 acres
Percent Contained 94%
Estimated Containment Date Thursday August 29th, 2013 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved

10 Timber (litter and understory).

Fire Behavior

No appreciable Fire activity witnessed across DIV B, DIV F, and DIV H. Active surface fire in the timber fuels was observed in DIV R, DIV t, and DIV Z with ongoing smoldering in understory fuels.

Significant Events

Continue active and aggressive mop-up where safe in DIV Z and DIV T. The Incident continues to support Inital Attack requests within the TFR footprint and local forest area. A partial road closure of Mosquito Ridge Rd (Hwy 96)from the junction of the Ralston Rd. (Forest Rd 23), east to the junction of Forest Rd 96-052, west of French Meadows for public and firefighter safety. Good progress continues in Suppression Repair.


Planned Actions

Secure, mop-up and patrol in all Divisions. Continue implementation of the Suppression Repair plan.Provide for Initial Attack responsibilities.

Growth Potential


Terrain Difficulty



Fire is burning in an old growth stand of timber with no recorded fire history.Significant changes in fuel types associated with the fire continue to burn in steep and hazardous terrain as well as receptive timber fuels that have not burned in decades.Consumption of heavy fuels continues to create heavy smoke in the surrounding area. The Forest, timber industry,local agencies, and private landowners continue to contribute to collaborate to implement strategy and tactics that will minimize impacts on high value timber resources, The Western States Trail, watershed, and local communities. Aerial ignition options are being reviewed for implementation. Critical resources remain ordered to maintain options to contain fire with the least resource damage that can be safely accomplished.

Current Weather

Wind Conditions 3 G 18 mph SW
Temperature 81 degrees
Humidity 25%

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