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Sperm Donor Custody Bill Stalls in Committee


By Harry Gibbons

The bill would allow biological fathers to gain parental custody rights if they have participated in raising the child.

Attorney Carol Chodroff testified in support of the bill at today’s hearing. 

“All this bill does is give the opportunity to go into court. It doesn’t automatically grant custody. It simply puts the biological father who never waived his rights and who has been involved in his child’s life on an equal playing field with other individuals," said Chodroff. 

State law currently considers a donor to be a legal parent only if they sign an agreement in advance of the child’s birth.

The bill is supported by LGBT rights groups such as Equality California.  They argue that the bill modernizes custody law to keep up with the changing nature of the family structure.

But opposition groups like Planned Parenthood say the bill infringes on the custody rights of women who use donated sperm.

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