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Governor's Office Releases Economic Report on Bay Delta Conservation Plan


By: Harry Gibbons

Dr. David Sunding, in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at UC Berkeley, helped author the report.

“Taking all the positives and all the negatives from a strict economic welfare point of view, our conclusion is that the BDCP does clearly pass a cost benefit test to the tune of something like $5 billion,” said Sunding.

The report also estimates the plan will create around 177,000 jobs.

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla is Executive Director of “Restore the Delta”. She says the report misrepresents the cost of the project and that “the figures put on disruption to the delta, delta fisheries, delta recreation, the delta economies, as usual are completely understated.” 

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan will cost around $25 billion over its 50-year lifespan and is said to be the second largest public works project in California’s history.

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