Final Chapters Of BDCP To Be Released

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown’s administration will release the final chapters of the plan- including estimated costs and funding for the project.

The goal is to restore habitat in the Delta while providing a reliable water supply to 25 million Californians.

The administration also says it would reduce the probability of water disruptions due to earthquakes.

But opponents say there are better alternatives than the tunnels. Dr. Jeffrey Michaels, with the University of the Pacific, conducted a benefit cost analysis of the project.

“Compared to the tunnels, a seismic levee upgrade strategy is faster, cheaper, protects more economic assets and saves lives from the flood risk,” says Michaels. 

Several members of Congress who represent the Delta area are also scheduled to discuss their concerns about the project later this week.

They say the Governor’s plan would devastate the region.

The proposal still has to go through an lengthy federal approval process.

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