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Democrats Again Pursuing Big Box Construction Regulations


Big box stores like Walmart may be known for low prices, but, increasingly, they’re also known for generating controversy. A bill up for a vote in the State Assembly this week brings that controversy front and center. It would require some big box stores to pay for an economic impact report before moving into an area.

But Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly says the measure would dissuade stores from opening.

“I’m really concerned that your bill would create that barrier that then would take that much longer, be that much more of a cost and ultimately, it would retard job growth,” he says.

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar measure in 2011. He said the bill would add an unneeded level of review to an already cumbersome process.

Democratic Assemblyman Roger Hernandez authored the current version, which is he says is narrower.

“In response to our opposition’s concerns we have amended to bill to narrow the requirement of the economic report and have deleted a number of the requirements," he says. 

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