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Broadcasting Emergency Test Messages for 'Shakeout' Simulation

Sacramento – Oct 13, 2016; Capital Public Radio News has been selected by the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) to play a key communications role in the Great California ShakeOut in mid-October.

Capital Public Radio is one of six stations that will broadcast metadata-enhanced emergency messages throughout California in a simulated earthquake disaster known as the Great California ShakeOut at 10:19 am PT on October 20, 2016. Capital Public Radio will broadcast the emergency test messages through its web streaming channels, its website and on air.

The PRSS MetaPub metadata-delivery system will enable the presentation of emergency alerts and related information on mobile devices and other digital platforms. The information will be heard and seen on Android mobile phones currently using the NextRadio mobile application, HD radios, and RDS displays, as well as via online audio streaming as available at each station.

“One of the primary missions of all public radio stations is to serve the communities in which they are located, and Capital Public Radio’s participation in broadcasting emergency messages for the ShakeOut is a perfect example of this service,” said Michael Beach, Vice President of NPR Distribution, which manages the PRSS. “The PRSS is grateful that Capital Public Radio has agreed to use its technology and staff resources to help ensure that the Great California ShakeOut proceeds smoothly.”

The six stations that will participate in the Great California ShakeOut are as follows:

  • Capital Public Radio, Sacramento
  • KCBX, San Luis Obispo
  • KQED, San Francisco
  • KPCC, Pasadena
  • KCRW, Santa Monica
  • KPBS, San Diego

The PRSS received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to implement the technology behind its MetaPub metadata service for the emergency drill. These stations will receive from the PRSS the hardware and software capabilities to connect with the MetaPub system and broadcast emergency messages on the day of the ShakeOut.

“The PRSS’ involvement in providing its expertise and technology for the Great California ShakeOut underscores the important role public broadcasting can and does play in the current communications environment, particularly with regard to emergency communications,” said Erika Pulley-Hayes, Vice President of Radio at CPB. “Our support of PRSS and their six partner stations to facilitate the distribution and broadcast of critical communications is central to our public service mission.”

For more information about PRSS’ MetaPub service, please visit the dedicated page located at http://prss.org/metapub. For more details on the Great California ShakeOut, go to http://www.shakeout.org. For any other questions or comments, please contact the PRSS Help Desk at 800.971.7677 or email prsshelp@npr.org. 


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