Desirability of Traffic in Arden Arcade Depends on the Type of Traffic

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 15, 2013

The type of traffic that passes by business in the Arden Arcade area is either an immense benefit or a primary source of concern according to the preliminary results of a new survey. 

Almost all of the respondents in the door-to-door survey said the central location and neighboring businesses were contributing to an improved economy. But Cherlyn Pollard at Figaro’s, the hair styling shop on Arden Way, says homeless people and gangs are also in the area…and in increasing numbers.

 “The whole Arden Arcade area is not the nice area it used to be," Pollard says.  "You know, they have problems at the mall with the gangs and stuff like that, so I would like to see the police come in and clean up the area.”

Pollard’s and other businesses in the area were surveyed Thursday. Business’ primary complaints are the homeless, gangs, and crime. 

Kelly Ostberg is the office manager for a dental group on Howe Avenue.   The homeless have taken to sleeping in the parking garage.

“They leave drug paraphernalia, clothes, things of that nature, a lot of garbage and so I would says that’s probably our main issue.,” she says.

Among the other negatives listed were absentee landlords, Watt Avenue prostitutes, shoplifting rings and substandard private security. 
The survey was conducted by the Fulton Avenue Association, Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Sacramento County.
A full report on the survey is expected within a month
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