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Gun Laws Passed In 2013 Take Effect At Different Times

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

Some California gun owners say they're confused about the new gun laws that will take effect in 2014. 

The law causing the most confusion doesn't take effect in 2014. It will ban lead ammunition for hunting when it takes effect in 2019.  

At the Just Guns store in Sacramento, Troy Alvarez was picking up three boxes of ammunition for target shooting over Christmas break. The ammo is legal, as is the magazine he currently has for his pistol.  But it almost wasn't.  A new law was passed and signed by Governor Jerry Brown that bans purchasing magazines with more than ten bullets, but because an accompanying bill did not pass, there is still no ban on possession. Magazine conversion kits, though, are illegal as of the first.

"I'm not real familiar of, with the new law as it applies to maybe grandfathered pistols and clip size," Alvarez says.

The group Gun Owners of California says it will likely take legal action to prevent  enforcement of the law. 

Also in January, people who buy long guns must register them and pass a safety test.

Josh Deaser owns the gun store Just Guns in Sacramento. He says rifle sales have increased by as much as 50 percent.

"Traditionally, obviously, at Christmas time people are buying gifts and wanting to buy something for their wife, their children, or themselves.  But, there has been an extra increase in the sense where a guy who would normally buy one...now he's buying two.  So he knows that's something's coming down the pipe, knows what's going on, and just trying to beat the registration process."

The new registration and test mirror the requirements for a person buying a  pistol. 


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