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Ani Maul Rocks The 'Anxiety' Out On Debut Record

Ani Maul / Courtesy

Ani Maul / Courtesy

Surf noir duo Ani Maul was formed by friends Izzy Hess on guitar and vocals and Kim Aparicio on drums. The band’s name is a reference to a well-known muppet.

“A lot of people say when I play drums, I look like Animal,” Aparicio says. “I think we were deciding on band names, and we were like, ‘Why don’t we do a name, like someone’s name?’ and so that’s how we got Ani Maul.”

“I’d known Kim for several years,” Hess says. “Our paths crossed multiple times because we’d been a part of the music scene for quite a few years with our [other] bands. [Kim] was in a band called Butch vs. Femme, and with her brother in a band called The Common Men. And I was in a band called Der Spazm and another called Ghostplay. When I was with Der Spazm, our paths would cross a lot when she would play with The Common Men, and we always had interest in playing with each other. It never really came together until we were in between bands.”

“It was just us two, for a little bit,” Aparicio says. “And then we tried other people [on bass.] But we just realized that us two together actually worked better.”

Ani Maul released their debut EP, “Anxiety,” in September 2017, and were recently featured in the Black Arts Matter Anti-SAMMIES showcase. 

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