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Gettin’ Moody With Devin: Feeling Dry (Jazz For The Drought)

thaths / Flickr

thaths / Flickr

How do you get through a drought? No particular way. But jazz makes it more bearable. 

Dexter Gordon, “I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry,” Go!

Because when you’re hanging liquid out to dry, you know it’s a drought.


Paul Desmond, “Was A Sunny Day,” Skylark

Desmond is on here for three reasons: 1) His playing was described as sounding like a dry martini (credit goes to Paul Conley for the suggestion). 2) Sunny days contribute to drought/dryness. 3) Paul Desmond is great.


Tierney Sutton, “Something Cool,” Something Cool

Be it rain or a soda, what’s better in a drought than something cool?

Nat King Cole, “Thou Swell,” At The Sands

Because it’s a drought. So there’s a lot of sand. And it’s a pun.


Duke Ellington, “Warm Valley,” Warm Valley

This one happens to appear on a compilation bearing the same name, but you can probably find it on a lot of greatest hits collections. Despite that, I had never heard it before. It’s a good one for sweltering in the heat.


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