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Gettin’ Moody With Devin: Feeling Adventurous

Courtesy Of The Artist

Tom Harrell

Courtesy Of The Artist

Feel like trying something new but aren’t quite to the skydiving stage yet? How about some jazz with an adventurous twist? These musicians took the standard jazz sound and said, “Y’know, it would sound really cool if…”

Dave Brubeck, “Unsquare Dance,” Time Further Out

Ten genius points to you if you can clap along with this. I always lose it around the “Turkey in the Straw” part. You’ll see what I mean.



Tom Harrell, “Baroque Steps,” Paradise

Saxophone + flugelhorn + (bass + bow) + ((violin x 2) + viola + cello) = AMAZING. (This is the first and only time in my life music has actually helped with math or visa-versa.) The video below doesn't have all the strings, but is just as good.



Ian Dogole, “Orca Stroll,” Night Harvest

He’s a percussionist who doesn’t stop at the traditional instruments. The mbira and African Talking Drum are featured on the recording and the kalimba (African thumb piano) is heard in the video. 


Thelonious Monk, “Crepuscule With Nellie,” Greatest Hits

The first time I heard this I didn’t really like it. It sounded like an odd assortment of notes played at seemingly random times. Now I walk around whistling it.



The Paul Hemmings Uketet, “Take the ‘A’ Train,” Introducing the Paul Hemmings Uketet

On the heels of a conversation with uke phenomenon Jake Shimabukuro, here’s some ukele jazz. The uke has a lighter sound, but just as much hard swing as any other instrument. Dig it.

You can hear the full song on Hemmings' website.


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