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Gettin' Moody With Devin: Tunes To Work To

Jonathan McPherskesen / Flickr

Jonathan McPherskesen / Flickr

Here's a playlist for humming along in your groove (i.e. working):

  • Joe Gilman, “Yellow, Red, Blue,” Americanvas: This is what it sounds like when you’re thinking. Plus, he’s a local guy. Can’t lose.
  • Miles Davis, “So What,” Kind of BlueThis whole album is good for anything and everything you do in life, no exaggeration. But if you’re ever lacking for a great idea or the next word in your great American novel/email, put this one on, lean back and put your feet up on your desk, and I swear the idea will come to you.
So What (Album Version) by Miles Davis on Grooveshark
  • Quincy Jones, “Killer Joe,” Walking in Space: There’s a steady pulse on this track that seems to keep the mental waterwheel churning. Turn it on in the background when you’re mulling over an idea, weighing pros and cons, or alphabetizing something.
Killer Joe by Quincy Jones on Grooveshark
  • Wes Montgomery, “West Coast Blues,” The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery: If there was ever a guy who knew how to hum along in a groove, Montgomery was he. Set the scene for this one by having a pile of papers to rifle through and/or an open Word document. Clicking keys add to the atmosphere.

And anything on JazzStream (See what I did there?)

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