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Gettin' Moody With Devin: Feeling Awesome

Asim Bharwani  / Flickr

Asim Bharwani / Flickr

Sometimes you’re just feeling awesome. You’re having a pretty good day, no pianos have fallen on your head, and you want a playlist to reflect that. Therefore…

Playlist for When You’re Feeling Awesome:

  • Vince Guaraldi, “Linus and Lucy,” A Charlie Brown Christmas: Yeah, yeah, I know, another Charlie Brown tune--but c’mon! You’re feeling awesome! Dance around the room like these guys!
  • Dave Stahl Band, “Doctor, My Eyes,” From A to Z: This is already a catchy song on its own, but hearing it in big-band form gives it a lot of punch. I love the pulse in this arrangement.

  • **WILD CARD** Enter the Haggis, “Lancaster Gate,” Soapbox Heroes: Insight producer James Morrison came up with the idea of a wild card for my Sound Advice segments and I’ve run amok with it. Enter the Haggis is a great example, and maybe the only example, of bagpipe-rock. Dig it.

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