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New Video Released Of Sacramento Police Shooting Mentally-Ill Man

*Warning: Video contains graphic content of a man being shot and killed.

Two people called 9-1-1 to report a man with a gun.

"Can you send officers to 1125 Lochbrae Road? What's going on? There's a guy across the street. I don't know the exact address, but he has a gun and a knife."

One video is from the car of the officers who first responded to the call. One officer yells at Mann to drop his knife. They follow him from a residential neighborhood to Del Paso Boulevard. He stops several times, charges a police vehicle and throws something at another vehicle.

Police Chief Sam Somers says the toxicology report came back positive for methamphetamine in Mann's system.

All of the videos, along with surveillance video end with two officers rushing towards Mann. His feet are not moving. He gestures toward the officers. The officers fire 18 shots at Mann from about 15-feet away.

Police Chief Sam Somers says the department will review its policies regarding less-lethal force, like tasers.

"We do have a beanbag and 47 millimeter like rubber bullets," says Somers. "They're not in the hands of officers. They're in the hands of supervisors and watch commanders."

Somers also says the department's mental health impact team was not called.

"The Impact team that we have there is not an intervention team per se. We do have the one unit that has the mental health clinician and that's a grant we have from the county and it's only for the downtown core."

He says once the District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has decided whether the shooting was justified, the police department's "shoot review team" will consider the evidence. If policies were violated, the department's internal affairs division will launch it's own investigation.

The two officers who shot Mann are on "modified duty."

The department says it had been planning to show the videos to the city council this evening -in part at the urging of City Councilman Allen Warren. Somers says a meeting with his boss, City Manager John Shirey and Mayor Kevin Johnson led to the decision to show the council the videos.

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